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Global Branding - 5 Ways to Build it Successfully


A company’s branding is a reflection of them.

This is not limited to colour, style, font or graphics, branding also dominates architectural design, layout, construction materials, location, sustainability and functionality. When building new branches, outlets, offices, franchises or even expanding an existing building, you need to take all those elements into consideration.


“Focusing on a company’s holistic branding is essential for the success of the finished building,”

David Guille, Building Solutions (Aust) Pty Ltd


The following branding components are just some that needed to be taken into consideration on our recent construction project with Puma Fuels, a global company:

Puma Fuels Signage Perth Building Solutions

  1. Architectural Design – the design of a new service station in the Puma Fuels network needed to match their existing designs, but also keep pace with changing demands, standards and requirements. It also had to work within the location and the constraints attached to it e.g. traffic flows and fuel tank access.
  2. Functionality & Layout – incorporating primary and secondary functions into a build successfully, requires an understanding of the project’s necessary outcomes. In Puma’s case, the outcomes were effective fuel delivery (primary) and a convenience store (secondary), once identified, creating effective functionality and layout is simplified. The public is aware if a building doesn’t function well and the layout isn’t conducive to work- or human-flows, so achieving these objectives reflects positively on a company.
  3. Construction Materials – building a fuel station requires specialist skills and knowledge regarding the correct materials to use for the environment, sustainability and risk management, however, a company’s branding may also need to be considered and included in the materials used e.g. bio-degradable, renewable, carbon neutral, low emission or local resources. For more information on Fuel Station Risk Management click here.
  4. Location – a successful building must take into consideration the unique attributes and challenges of the property site e.g. relocation of a bus stop on the road adjacent to the Puma petrol station in Hamilton Hill. Constructing a new building, which ignores the location and focuses solely on maintaining consistent branding in design and layout, will cause more harm than good to a brand.
  5. Sustainability -  “We have a responsibility to strategically manage our impact on society and the environment,” Puma Energy Sustainability Review 2014. At Building Solutions our aim is to help our clients meet their objectives, not just in completing the build on time and on budget, but their long term and global impact.

Every build counts.

Working on successful projects for Caltex, BP, Puma Fuels, 7-Eleven, Red Rooster and MuzzBuzz, international and national companies with iconic branding, we want the customer to remember the overall experience the company gave them, not just the building.

See more Puma Fuel project details and images here.

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