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Building Solutions can help your business achieve its development, design and construction objectives, in a range of industries:


  • Energy - Fuel, Petrol & Gas Service Stations

  • Industrial - Warehouses, Heavy Machinery

  • Mining & Exploration - Site Offices, Equipment Storage

  • Medical - GP Super Clinics, Pathology, Hospital Grade Facilities

  • Commercial - Fast Food Outlets, Retail Stores, Showrooms, Daycares

Fuel, Petrol & Gas Service Station ConstructionFuel, Petrol & Gas Stations

When you are building a new Service Station or renovating an existing one, you require a construction company with a proven history. With 15+ years of experience successfully designing, constructing and renovating petrol stations for BP, Caltex, Shell, Puma and 7-Eleven, Building Solutions ensures you receive:

  • Design & budget considerations for each unique site e.g visibility, boundaries, forecourt, ease of access & positioning
  • Current industry qualifications, knowledge & experience
  • Specialised petrol station capabilities e.g new builds & renovations, LPG & petroleum fuel systems, underground tank installation & removal, truck & car canopies, workshops & retail
  • Exceptional safety standards, which are externally audited
  • Assurance that potentially hazardous environments are made safe, practical & suburban through risk assessments & tailored solutions
  • Compliance with environmental guidelines and regulatory requirements

Due to our proven track record and exemplary safety record in downstream Fuel solutions, our Fuel and Gas focused clients choose Building Solutions, because we have:

  • Completed renovations and full-scale retail setups for BP, Caltex, Shell, Puma and 7-Eleven, locally and interstate
  • Delivered on time with Zero Lost Time Injuries
  • Maintained an ISNetworld® A rating since 2010 for clients such as BP, ConocoPhillips & Viva Energy
  • Attained Principal Contractor status with BP
  • Exceeded BP's benchmark Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Performance assessment score, as assessed by KRS Resource Management Pty Ltd (BP HSSE Consultants) 
  • Experience, Qualifications & Memberships to consistently deliver your fuel station solution, while adhering to safety, environmental & regulatory standards  

For more information you can read about our Capabilities and view some of our Fuel Station Design & Construct Projects.

Industrial ConstructionIndustrial Construction

Industrial builds require specific design and construction experience to navigate the complexities involved in building your facilities to compliant standards.

Building Solutions continue to safely and successfully deliver EPCM or singular jobs in Perth, Kalgoorlie and Regional West Australia, for example:

  • Workshops for heavy machinery & maintenance
  • Storage facilities for light vehicles & equipment
  • Site offices
  • Fuel, gas, air & lube facilities
  • Crib facilities
  • Washdown bays
  • Warehouses for bulk storage

With a wide range of industrial design and construction capabilities, you can access more information here and see some of our award winning Industrial Design & Construct Projects here.

Mining ConstructionMining Construction

The anciliary facilities on mine sites demand a high level of safety, expertise and construction understanding and experience to ensure all requirements (internal, external and regulatory) are satisfied. If you are in mining exploration or production in Western Australia, we can deliver the results you need with Lean Construction Methods, through:  

  • Accurate costings with procurement, construction scheduling & planning
  • OHSEQ planning & implementation
  • HR mobilisation management, induction & training
  • Inspections & verification
  • Deconstruction, reconstruction & all aspects of design & construction activities

Assess how we can optimise functionality with cost effective expertise for the Mining Industry with our specialised Capabilities. You can also view a completed Mine Ancillary Build Project here, which includes the construction of a heavy vehicle maintenance shed, a BIS workshop and gulf workshop.

Medical Facility ConstructionMedical Facility Construction

When your focus is caring for our health, our focus is on the facilities you provide life saving services in. This dual focus means we can:

  • Meet exacting medical standards
  • Create an environment that puts patients at ease
  • Facilitate efficient workflow through effective design
  • Provide a healthy, comfortable environment for staff
  • Ensure low maintenance & durability

Successfully completed medical projects include numerous full scale Medical Facilities catering for 5+ doctors, hospital grade facilities such as operating theatres, mixed use Medical Centres including Clinipath outlets and Pathology facilities, and consult and treatment rooms.

View some of our completed Medical Centre Projects here.

Commercial, Retail, Fast Food Outlets & Education ConstructionCommercial Construction

To operate successfully and sustainably, your business or school needs facilities that are:

  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Deliver enhanced workflows
  • Provide a welcoming & comfortable environment for employees & clients
  • Designed & built for your unique needs

Building Solutions offers a multitude of commercial construction options, no matter what your business niche is, including:

  • Education Facilities - Daycare Centres, Kindergartens, Schools, Libraries
  • Fast Food Outlets & Convenience Stores - Red Rooster, Muzz Buzz, 7-Eleven
  • Business Property Developments - Office Complexes, Warehouses, Showrooms
  • Sporting & Exercise Facilities
  • Retail Stores & Showrooms

Please view some of our completed Commercial Design & Construct Projects and Education Centres.

With 60+ years of combined experience, we deliver end-to-end building solutions on time and on budget.

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