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3 Phase Property Development Approach

Building Solutions uses a 3 Phase Approach to develop commercial, industrial and residential properties in Perth, Kalgoorlie or Regional West Australia.


Phase One – Advisory Services and Due DiligencePhase One:  Advisory Services & Due Diligence


Effective property development starts with seeking advice and investigating a project's potential.

We provide guidance, feasibility studies and tailored services to help reduce the risks inherent in property development. These services apply if you are building from scratch or renovating and enhancing an existing project.

Whether it’s your 20th development project or your first foray into this process, we can deliver:

  • project analysis,
  • asset planning,
  • cost estimates,
  • business case development,
  • concept plans,
  • stakeholder management,
  • site choice,
  • zoning Regulation guidance,
  • assistance meeting Local Council Rules and Regulations,
  • development and planning approval facilitation, and
  • joint venture partnerships.

Phase Two – Construction and Project ManagementPhase Two:  Design, Construction & Project Management


We focus on building effectively and efficiently for long term building solutions.

With 100+ builds brought to successful completion, we have streamlined the design and construction processes, minimising your costs. These cost savings will continue with the completion of a durable build, resulting in lower maintenance requirements.

Our holistic approach allows for:

  • targeted design,
  • architect, engineer and contractor liaison,
  • coordination of contractors to avoid miscommunication and unnecessary delays,
  • site management,
  • procurement,
  • tendering,
  • demolition,
  • onsite construction,
  • risk identification, mitigation and management,
  • financial monitoring and reporting,
  • workflow efficiency, and
  • time and quality control.

Phase Three – Potential RealisedPhase Three:  Potential Realised


The final step in property development is realising the full potential of the project. We can assist during this crucial phase, through: 

  • property sales assistance,
  • tenancy coordination,
  • commercial property guidance,
  • obtaining timely Occupancy Certificates, and
  • utilising our established relationships with real estate and leasing agents.

Property Development Capability Statement


Our Property Development Capability Statement can help you decide what level of assistance you need. This document also provides insight into the property development services we offer and some of our completed projects. 

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