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What do you feel when you visit the doctor or attend a clinic – stress, excitement, anxiety, acceptance, boredom, positivity, reassurance, cared for or valued?

No matter what we are there for, whether by choice or necessity, we should never feel alarm, fear or unnecessary distress because of the medical facilities.

There is an exceptionally informative research report that was provided to the Center for Health Design, which considers how design of medical facilities can help:

  1. reduce staff stress and fatigue
  2. increase effectiveness in delivering care,
  3. improve patient safety,
  4. reduce patient and family stress
  5. improve outcomes, and
  6. improve overall healthcare quality.

The report assesses the links between the physical setting and patient and staff outcomes.

“The team found [600] scientific studies that document the impact of a range of design characteristics, such as single-rooms versus multi-bed rooms, reduced noise, improved lighting, better ventilation, better ergonomic designs, supportive workplaces and improved layout that can help reduce errors, reduce stress, improve sleep, reduce pain and drugs, and improve other outcomes.”

With this body of evidence and guidance, we (builders, medical practitioners and health care developers) need to assess how these recommendations can be implemented.

Medical Reception Room built by Building SolutionsIf we design and construct informed, modern medical facilities that enhance the positive health outcomes for patients and staff, the benefits could be infinite, including:

  • fewer strong pain medications
  • lower levels of distress and/or stress
  • reduced pain levels
  • greater pain tolerance
  • reduced levels of agitated aggressive behaviour
  • better emotional well-being
  • increased productivity

This list contains just some of the reasons why the team at Building Solutions want to help you with your next medical centre build.

Over the years we have completed the following for Medical Centres and Health Care Facilities:

  • Numerous full scale Medical Facilities catering for 5+ Doctors
  • Hospital grade facilities, including operating theatres
  • Mixed use Medical Centres, including Clinipath outlets
  • Consulting rooms
  • Treatment rooms
  • Pathology facilities
  • Waiting rooms
  • Private offices

You care about our health. We care about the facilities you provide life saving services in.

“ was necessary for the State Health Department (LSRU Unit) to inspect the premises...I was relieved to be told at the end of this inspection that we met all of the criteria at the first attempt, which is unusual.” Oxford Day Surgery & Dermatology. Project included Healthcare ‘B’ Class Hospital, multi-story, multi-purpose, retail and residential.

Do you want to create a positive and healthy environment for your patients and staff? Read what we can do to help here
Or see Building Solutions’ completed Medical Centre projects here

Medical operating room constructed by Building Solutions     Large medical treatment room constructed by Building Solutions  

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