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10 Lessons in 10 Years...What we've learnt so far


Building Solutions 10 year Anniversay  The years pass quickly when you run a construction company.

It’s the 10th Anniversary of Building Solutions so, during this time of resolutions and plans for 2015, David Guille and Marcus Kotsoglo thought they’d share their lessons for achievement, progress and innovation:

Lesson 1: Act Now 

Do your research, but at some point you have to jump in. Even in an established company, things have to evolve and change if you want to stay ahead of the competition, so don’t wait too long or the opportunity will pass you by.

Lesson 2: Find the Solution

Problems and challenges aren’t bad for business, as long as you focus on the solution. Each solution adds to your company’s strengths and differentiation, driving your business forward.

Lesson 3: Don’t Panic

There will be fluctuating times in the economy and the industry; these are out of your control. Don’t waste your energy worrying about them, concentrate your energy on what is in your control, such as opportunities, working in partnership or diversifying.

Lesson 4: Passion Brings Balance

Going into business doesn’t free up your time. Be prepared to work hard if you want to be successful and know that being passionate about your business brings its own balance. The reality is that attaining the nirvana of a balanced lifestyle is temporary; it doesn’t stay balanced for too long, so learn how to rebalance the scales and stay passionate.

Lesson 5: Give Back

Personal growth cannot happen unless you share some of your abundance. It doesn’t have to be financial, it can be knowledge, skill, time, mentoring, the benefit of your product or service etc. Whatever is in your power, give to those who will rise higher because of your gift.

Lesson 6: Push your Boundaries

You have built skills and knowledge, now is the time to test them. Happiness comes from pushing your personal boundaries to higher levels, seeking new adventures, setting goals and achieving them.

Lesson 7: Stay Connected

Running a business can be isolating. Stay connected to the industry, your community and broader environment to discover new opportunities, ground-breaking solutions and a network of support. You’ll shift the scales of balance again.

Lesson 8: Take a Fresh Look

Take time to step into the shoes of a client – current and potential. What is their experience when they look at your website, phone your office, order your product, receive your service, have a question, read your ad…Are you meeting their needs?

Lesson 9: The Three Ps

 “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success,” a very simple and true quote by Napoleon Hill.

Lesson 10: Celebrate your Wins

You’ve worked hard, so remember to congratulate yourself and your team on the successes and thank those who have helped along the way.


On 2 January 2005 Building Solutions started its first construction project, a small office fit-out. Ten years later we have ongoing projects with international companies, have won multiple awards and continue to build our reputation on solutions.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of Building Solutions over the past decade!

Building Solutions Office with David Guille & Marcus Kotsoglo

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