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With 100+ successful builds, here is a residential sample for you...

  • Tri-level Development, Apartments – Leederville, WA

    Tri-level Development, Apartments – Leederville, WA

    This development offers the best of inner-city living through the construction of an exclusive boutique apartment. Attentive Project Management and a comprehensive construction programme ensured the project was completed efficiently and effectively with a desirable design and finish.

  • Townhouses - Kewdale, WA

    Townhouses - Kewdale, WA

    After meticulous costings and planning by Building Development Solutions, our property development division, the potential of this residential block was realised through the construction of three townhouses. Our design focused on optimising the land available and creating stylish yet functional homes, while still providing the owners/residents with the privacy they required.

  • Commerical Project Examples

    Commerical Project Examples

    With over 100 successfully completed commercial and industrial projects, we can offer the skills, experience and professionalism you need. Our ability to deliver all aspects of a build, including design, site and project management, property development and construction, ensures we meet our goal of - on time and on budget.

    You can view a sample of our award winning projects here.

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