Building our reputation on Solutions.


You can rely on us to efficiently coordinate and complete the multiple stages necessary for the successful completion of your residential construction project, through:

Planning SolutionsApproval Process Facilitation

We can assemble and co-ordinate all aspects of statutory requirements, building applications, licences, approvals and submissions. Our unique partnership with Planning Solutions (Aust), also provides exclusive services on Town Planning matters. This organisation has been operating for over 15 years and is acknowledged to be one of the leaders in the WA Town Planning community.

Design Design 

Finding the balance between style, innovation and functionality is essential in creating effective building plans. This is why we work closely with you and the architect to create the right residential design based on location, site requirements, council regulations and stakeholder needs. 


Thirty years of experience in the building industry ensure we are well positioned to undertake all aspects of construction, including site management with highly skilled teams and a monitored programme. In addition, Home Solutions can help you save time and money, now and into the future through our high standard of durable builds with low maintenance requirements.

Project ManagementProject Management

While your focus remains on the end goal, we’ll manage the lean construction process with the knowledge and experience a successful project requires. Home Solutions can project manage the site establishment, tender processes, staffing, procurement of materials, environmental considerations, safety and quality processes, to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

With 60+ years of experience, we deliver end-to-end building solutions on time and on budget.

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