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Lean Construction Approach

Lean Construction challenges the belief that there must be a trade-off between time, cost and quality.


Over the years Building Solutions and its property development division have built their reputation on delivering projects on time, on budget and to a high standard. We achieve this through implementing Lean Construction practices that focus on:

Building Solutions Lean Construction Outcomes

These are the three key outcomes of Lean Construction, which is why Building Solutions (Aust) uses this production management-based approach across its group of companies. It ensures our sustainability when faced with national and international changes in the construction and economic environments.

As a strong believer of Lean Construction, David Guille helped establish the Lean Construction Institute - Australasia Ltd (LCIA), with Building Solutions a primary contact point for this not-for-profit organisation; the LCIA promotes lean construction principles, tools and techniques.

Through the application of Lean Construction practices, competitiveness is enhanced through improved reliability of outcome and profit margins, projects are optimised and value is delivered via cost reduction and efficiency gains.


  • 10% - Contract Value is wasted rework
  • 15% - Time spent waiting on information
  • 30% - Productivity efforts are lost
  • 40% - Drawings not used by trades


  • 80% reported Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • 77% reported Greater Productivity
  • 84% reported Higher Quality Construction
  • 77% reported Improved Safety
  • 64% reported Greater Profitability
  • 67% reported Improved Sustainability

Source: McGraw Hill Construction SmartMarket Report 2013


  • Maximise value from the customer’s view;
  • Eliminate waste (non-value adding processes); and
  • Create smooth and reliable activity flows.

When applied to design and construction processes, Lean Construction changes the way work is completed. It extends from the objectives of a Lean production system to specific techniques, and applies them in a new project delivery process. This ensures an understanding of client needs and efficiency improvement for design and building businesses in diverse industries including oil, gas, mining, infrastructure, engineering, architecture, design, drafting and construction.

For more information Download the One Page Lean Fact Sheet here


David Guille, Executive Chairman of Building Solutions (Aust), was a Founding Director and Company Secretary of the Lean Construction Institute - Australasia Ltd (LCIA) from 2014-16 and Building Solutions continues to be a primary contact point.

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